The Remarkable Goldsmith is an award winning Artist Goldsmith focusing on the bespoke, the beautiful and the unusual
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How do I clean jewellery?
Please see our jewellery care guide here.

Can I pay in instalments We usually take payment in two parts for bespoke work, and we are looking to add a payment layaway scheme.

How do I size myself/someone else
For you we can send you a sizer, please email or you can download the sizing chart and you can ask for help from a local jeweller.

For someone else it is harder! Please don’t send us photos of blurry hands and ask us to guess! One way is to borrow a ring or bangle that fits your person and send it to us, or draw carefully around the inside. If its a ring make sure it fits the relevant finger.

How long does the bespoke process take?
We normally say 4/6 weeks but we have a waiting list of about 6 months at the moment. Contact us if you need something urgently.

How do you send packages, are they safe?
We send anything under £100 by second class signed for so that the package is tracked and we can be sure it is delivered. Alternatively and for packages over £100 we send Special delivery tracked and insured. You can upgrade to this for any package.

For international deliveries we recommend choosing UPS which is a very safe, trackable express service to most destinations in the world. Please see delivery.

How do you make your gold?
Our gold is made using traditional methods own crucible and ingot, plus our own top secret recipes! We make many colours including peach and grey gold.

Do you take returns
We offer 14 day returns for online sales. For bespoke pieces we cannot offer returns as they are designed just for you.

Can I buy remotely?
Yes we have clients all over the world that we lease with for bespoke work and who shop with us.

Can you use my Grandma’s diamond?
Yes we can use your inherited jewels, if they are good enough quality and not chipped or broken.

What does 9, 14, 18 and 24 carat mean?
We divide gold into carats in order to make sure people sell things fairly. In the UK you can only sell gold without a hallmark if it weighs under a gram.

9 carat is 37.5% gold, or 375 parts per 1000. The rest is other metal like copper or silver. 14 carat is 50% gold or 500 parts per 1000 and the rest is other metal. 18 carat is 75% gold or 750 parts per 1000.

Thats why it says 375 on the hallmark of a 9 carat ring and 750 inside an 18 carat ring.

Beware that not all alloys are the same! Cheap high street jewellers will use the cheapest metals to add into their alloys, so for example a 9 carat gold ring may contain 37.5% gold but the rest could be zinc, and copper. For me I make the best alloys I can make, so my 9 carat gold will contain the same amount of gold but much more silver, making it a better quality alloy.

In my grey gold I have a lot of palladium which makes it high quality but also is at the top end of the price range.

Do you charge for designs?
Design drawings are included in any bespoke piece. If you decide however not to go ahead once I have done drawings then I charge £100. All drawings are copyright.

Where are you based?

We are situated in the beautiful historic town of Dartmouth, on the South West coast of Devon.  The shops on Dartmouth's famous Foss Street offer a wonderful eclectic mixture of art galleries and boutiques.

You can find us by following the map here.